liam gallagher

Liam GallagherNoel GallagherPaul «Bonehead» ArthursTony McCaroll Andy Bell Gem Archer Alan White Zak StarkeyPaul «Guigsy» McGuigan WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO INCREASE REPRODUCTION FEES BY 50% FOR ANY CREDIT OMITTED (See paragraph D2 of terms and conditions)Precise reproduction rights and relevant fees for each usage must be agreed before any use is made of the image.This image is subject to idols’ standard terms and conditions. A hard copy of our terms and conditions will be posted to you on request.If you do not wish to accept Idols’ standard terms and conditions you must delete the file immediately and notify Idols that you have done so.Please note this image is supplied in Adobe RGB (1998) Colourspace. A CMYK conversion calibrated to the printing process will be required for accurate reproduction.To view our terms and conditions online, follow this link in your browser; *** Local Caption *** 26- cm x -39- cm at 300dpi

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